• View from behind<br />the standing buildings
  • Part of the former<br />Great Park of Woking Palace

Woking Palace and its Park

Woking Palace and its Park is a new community-based project, led by the Friends of Woking Palace, that aims to cast light on the development of Woking Palace and its surrounding 590 acre deer Park from its earliest days right through to modern times, including its glorious Tudor heyday.

This is an exciting opportunity to add to our knowledge of the medieval landscape of Woking (and indeed of ‘Royal Surrey’) through the practical participation of volunteers.

Hands-on involvement by local residents in excavations, survey work, research, workshops and courses is key to the project. While learning new skills they will be adding to the understanding of the conversion of a noble manorial site into an important royal complex used principally for recreation and retreat.

A particular focus of the project is to take hands-on history into local schools and clubs to encourage young people to appreciate the rich heritage on their doorstep.

The new discoveries from this three year project will be shared through interpretation boards on site, travelling displays, talks, guided tours, the web, information packs, worksheets, hand-outs and other material.

The Friends of Woking Palace, supported by Surrey County Archaeological Unit, The Lightbox and Surrey Archaeological Society. have received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for this exciting project.

Woking Palace excavation 2013

The excavation will take place during September and October 2013. For more information please click here.

Read more about the award from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the three year project.

Read about the award from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2012 for the development of the project.

Information about the Woking Palace Archaeological Project 2009-2012 can be found by clicking here.

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