• Nearby between Weybridge<br />and Walton on Thames
  • Was this nearby house<br />built with Palace bricks?

The Stuarts and final owners of the Palace

Elizabeth was the last Tudor as she died childless in 1603. The palace eventually passed to James I and his wife Anne of Denmark. They preferred to visit Oatlands Palace nearby.

The Palace began to deteriorate and was regarded as old fashioned. It fell out of royal favour, and in 1620, the Palace was granted to Sir Edward Zouch, on condition that every year on the feast of St.James, he carried the first dish to the King’s table, and at the same time paid £100 in gold coin of the realm.

Sir Edward eventually abandoned the Palace and built himself a new manor house at Hoe Place possibly using some of the materials from Woking Palace. Other materials may also have been taken from the Palace to be used in the construction of nearby Sutton Place.

Over a period of time, local people would have taken material from the site, leading to it's almost complete destruction.

The standing buildings on the site probably only survived because they were being used as storage for the nearby farm.

Woking Borough Council bought the site in 1988.

James I

James I

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