• provides evidence of Royal<br />visits to Woking Palace
  • Research shows how<br />the park was transformed<br />over the centuries

The Local Research Forum report-back meeting

Saturday 7th March, 2-4pm

You are probably quite aware of the archaeological excavations that have been taking place each year at the Palace site. But that is not the only work being undertaken as part of the Friends HLF-funded project. Groups of people made up of both the Friends and Woking History Society have been investigating different strands of historical and documentary research in the hope of shedding more light on our enigmatic Manor and Palace site. The three groups have very varied tasks. One group has been looking at evidence for Royal visits to Woking Palace; another has been looking at how the former Deer park was transformed over the following centuries into the landscape we know today while a third has been seeking evidence from newspapers for the discoveries made in 1911/12. For more details of the groupsí objectives please see the attached document - researchforum.pdf.

Come along to Surrey History Centre at 2pm on Saturday 7th March where the groups will report on their discoveries to date. Speakers will include Pete Smee, David Young, Richard Savage and Pamela Savage. It promises to be an enjoyable and interesting session.

We expect the reports and discussion to last just over an hour. The event is free and open to all Friends of Woking Palace and members of the Woking History Society. Free Tea and Coffee will be available. Please email info@woking-palace.org if you intend to come so that we have an idea of numbers for the refreshments.

Finally if you are interested in helping the Local Research Forum groups or the Friends of Woking Palace in any way please do phone 01483 768685 or email jeanfollett@btinternet.com and Jean will let you have further information.

Download PDF for more details

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